Brooklyn Resident Comes Home to Working Internet

Chris surfing a working Internet

This past Thursday a resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn came home from a full day of work to find his Time Warner service working “fairly well.”

“I came home just like any other day, expecting to block off an hour of time to call Time Warner and troubleshoot my Internet connection with someone who can barely speak English,” said Brooklyn resident, Chris Michaels. “But never did I imagine seeing those blinking lights on my modem, orchestrated to a working rhythm.”

Chris used the extra hour of his typical, three to four hours of non-work time to pay gas and electric bills, while streaming a bootlegged DVD quality version of Zero Dark Thirty.

“To be honest, I really couldn’t get into the movie. Probably because it was pretty one-dimensional and boring, but mainly because I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that my Internet service was working, with only two brief outages.”

Chris made a phone call to thank Time Warner for providing him with a working Internet in return for a monthly fee he’s been paying for nearly ten years. “It was refreshing to hear those on-hold jingles while I set my iPhone to speaker and checked what was happening on Twitter.”



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