New Jersey Guy Checks-In at Gym For Confidence Boost


Earlier this week, a man in New Jersey went to the gym specifically to let his Facebook friends know how he was pumping iron at the gym. The third year real estate agent, Derrick Ricci, had just come off of his fourth consecutive month without selling a property and thought it was time to give his social status a much needed confidence boost.

In his personal life, Derrick is alone and miserable, living a pathetic existence in a $550/month condo near a local community college. However, on Facebook everybody knows him as a positive guy with tons of muscle pics and never shy to show off his awesome new back tattoo. “I haven’t seen him in like fifteen years,” said former high school homeroom classmate George Richards. “I heard his hot high school girlfriend cheated on him and his life pretty much went in the shitter from there.”

Derrick checked-in to Powerhouse Gym on Foursquare around 6:23pm, adding the fact that he was specifically focusing on his, “Upper body” that evening. As of now, he has two likes and a “Hot! lol” comment from a regretful ex-hook up of his.


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