Clever T-Shirt Sure Sign Of Bro’s Pot Use

mcdonaldsThis past Saturday on New Jersey’s Wildwood boardwalk, a teenage “Bro” was spotted sporting a marijuana t-shirt that parodied the McDonald’s logo with the slogan “Over 1 billion stoned.” The t-shirt was properly paired with long jean shorts that reached way past the knee and a Brooklyn Nets hat that still had tags and stickers from its initial purchase. While the Bro is not a Brooklyn Nets fan, he did purchase the hat due to his love for Jay-Z and the urban black and white design. His face had barely sprouted enough facial hair to be considered an adult male.

The Philadelphia suburban teen was visiting the shore town for the weekend, shacking up with his best friend’s parents in a condo not too far from the arcade where he was spotted. He had to put the shirt on after he left the house, so his friend’s parents would not report the shirt to his own parents.

While the Bro is not normally known in his local community of Springfield, Pennsylvania as a “pothead,” he does partake in the activity on a bi-weekly average.

“I love how it takes McDonald’s slogan and uses the word stoned instead of served,” the bro chuckled before fake coughing. “I think people will laugh when they walk past me and know how cool I am.”

The Bro was last seen standing outside a local deli, trying to convince a mother of three to buy him a pack of Phillies cigars. As of now, he has been unsuccessful in getting stoned down the shore.


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