Area Man Comparable to Iconic Character Thanks to Simple Algorithm

area man surveyIn a recent online survey, an area man searching for purpose while killing time at his dead end job, discovered that he’s most closely comparable to an iconic character that you and I have heard of – thanks to a simple algorithm created by a reasonably average computer programmer. The character isn’t necessarily someone that we see on a day to day basis, but he or she is definitely someone that we’ve seen on a screen at some point in time.

It’s not certain whether it was a television show or classic film…or maybe he or she was from a novel? Nevertheless, this recent discovery has sparked almost fifteen minutes of temporary joy for the man, providing him with the ability to share the news with close to 200 friends via social media.

“It’s so funny, because I always thought of myself as another similar character, but not this specific character,” said the man, sipping his second large coffee of the morning. “I wonder if other people see me as this character as opposed to the one I was thinking of.”

While no one has “liked” or commented on the newsflash, the man expects his closest friends have, at the very least, read the news and perhaps even filled out the survey themselves, so that they too can have this brief moment of sedated enthusiasm.


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